Legionella Risk Assessments / Water Hygiene Surveys

Pegasus can undertake initial Legionella risk assessments of domestic / industrial process water systems, as well as ‘safe’ hot water surveys in compliance with the Approved Code of Practice (L8), and other relevant standards. The report includes numerical risk values and ratings, which are vitally important in helping to prioritise remedial work / maintain plant, and adopt precautionary measures, as well as a structured approach to dealing with potential problems specific to the site being assessed.

Site Log Book Documentation / Legionella Management

Pegasus can provide as part of our management services the provision of site specific log book documentation on completion of the initial risk assessment. The documentation provides a structured approach to the management of the building surveyed and the precautionary measures identified can be implemented either by Pegasus or via the clients approved maintenance contractor or employed maintenance staff.

Indoor Air Quality Testing / Sick Building Syndrome Investigations

Pegasus can offer a complete package relating to routine monitoring of the working environment as well as carrying out a full investigation of a building perceived to be affected by SBS “Sick Building Syndrome”. Where necessary, specialist backup may also be provided by an appointed Occupational Hygienist.

Ventilation Hygiene / Condition Assessments

 Pegasus are able to undertake full ventilation system condition / risk assessments in order to investigate system conditions and to comply with general requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, COSHH 1999, The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, and HTM 2025, all with regard to the effective and suitable provision of a fresh and hygienic air supply from ventilation and air conditioning systems.  Recent guidance issued by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers TM26: 2000, Hygienic maintenance of office ventilation ductwork will also been taken into consideration.

The hygiene condition / assessment report includes a carefully weighted rating system, in order to help prioritise remedial / cleaning works where necessary.

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing

Pegasus can offer an LEV testing service using suitable calibrated test equipment. LEV Test certificates will include relevant plant details, condition assessment, schematic drawing showing test locations, flow rates and whether or not the plant complies with the above Health and Safety standards. The report will include details of remedial actions required. 

Pegasus can offer an asbestos surveying service. Our reports will include a site plan showing test locations, and an asset list detailing the location, condition and extent of all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) and suspected asbestos containing materials.

There are 3 types of survey for asbestos that can be carried out, depending on the requirement.

Type 1 Basic location and assessment asbestos survey which will give a general indication if there are any asbestos materials within the property. No samples are taken to determine whether materials are or are not asbestos so presumptions are therefore necessary.

Type 2 Standard sampling, identification and assessment survey. Small samples of all materials that are likely to contain asbestos are taken in a non- destructive manner from all reasonably accessible areas. Samples are sent to accredited scientific laboratories for testing and they produce a report on the asbestos content of the samples.

Type 3 Full access, sampling and identification survey that will include intrusion into sealed voids, under floors, in ducts and enclosed spaces and all other more inaccessible areas. This type of survey is recommended before building works take place or demolition.

It is a mandatory HSE requirement to have such a document, which is auditable along with normal H&SW documentation. Confirmation / test certificates via an appointed UKAS laboratory detailing any asbestos content obtained through sampling is is detailed within the report / Asbestos Register

Project Management

Pegasus can offer remedial works / plant re-commissioning as identified within our reports by means of an appointed specialist contractors. Works which can be undertaken includes cold water tank replacement, pipe work modifications, tank cleaning, pipe work disinfection, ductwork modifications / repairs, air handling plant replacement / refurbishment, ductwork cleaning etc.

Water Treatment

Pegasus Environmental Consultancy Limited can offer a full and comprehensive range of water treatment services via our approved contractor scheme.

Specialist Services provided include;-

Ø     Closed System analytical Services                                                                                  

Ø     Acid De-scaling

Ø     Bacterial Screening programme

Ø     Chemical Programme & Supply

Ø     Cooling Tower cleaning and refurbishments

Ø     Dosing & Control Equipment Supply & Installation

Ø     Filtration Equipment

Ø     test Kits

Ø     Technical on site Support

Ø     Water Softener, supply installation  & servicing

Our approved contractors are registered under the WMSoc/BACS Code of Conduct for service providers.

Pegasus can also offer various Health and Safety training courses, provided by an experienced Occupational Hygienist, relating to Asbestos Awareness and the monitoring of domestic water system with regards to the ACOP L8.

“Due to our company ethos, we feel we are ideally suited to offer and supply our services to our customer base, thus ensuring competitive pricing and a personal service which, we feel is unsurpassed”.

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